Where There’s Smoke

It’s because women really just want to be rescued.

SEASON THREE – EPISODE ONE; “Where There’s Smoke”: Let’s take the ferry to Staten Island and meet the ladies for the New York fire department’s annual calendar competition. Fire men taking their shirts off and showing off their muscles for the judges, one of which is Carrie Bradshaw herself. Taking advantage of the event, the four friends make a girls night out out of it.

Total black for Miranda, and horrific (sorry) outfit for Carrie: a striped top and pink capri pants with golden boots… ouch.
Samantha’s just spotted the fire man to seduce in her green top with a cut out on the cleavage and a leopard print skirt.
Drunk Charlotte is one of my favourite things: after a couple of Staten Island Ice Tea, she dances in her bandeau top, jeans and light pink jacket.

Devastated by the night before, Carrie, Miranda and Samantha discuss what makes fire men so attractive (even if their not handsome), and Charlotte spills the truth: “It’s because women really just want to be rescued.”. A hard sentence thirty something year old women don’t want to hear out loud, but think about all the time. Even if Carrie tries to cheer Charlotte up with the whole “maybe we’re the white knights and we’re the ones that have to save ourselves” thing, she is just depressed by now.

To fight this depression, Carrie helps Charlotte find her white knight. It seems like she’s find the right guy, the one who can protect her from any annoying guy that ever bothers her, but the reality is he’s not a prince charming come to rescue her, “He was a man who liked to start fights”.

At the bar, searching for the white knight: Charlotte’s wearing a grey sheath dress, whereas Carrie has gone for a bllue sheer blouse and a pencil skirt.

At the fire men competition, Carrie has met one of the judges, a charming guy and a politician of New York. Even though Carrie doesn’t want to admit it, she is still afraid of starting a new relationship after her story with Big. The politician doesn’t miss the chance to at least try to convince her to go out with him, he even shows up at her front door! And, by the end, he manages to break Carrie’s shell and start something with her… “So I need to take this slow”.

Long, long legs under a checkered mini skirt and a baby pink blouse. Everything is topped with a beautiful furry coat and high heels.


As for Samantha, her fire men fantasy is satisfied thanks to Mr. July, but she doesn’t want to stop! She wants to make her firehouse fantasy come true, so she shows up at the NYFD head quarters. Expecting a mob of hot fire men waiting for her, she is quite disappointed when she sees men of every shape and ages gathered around a tv.

fashion bonus 1c
Blue coat and blue leopard print dress… ready to seduce some fire men!

fashion bonus 1bfashion bonus 1a

FASHION BONUS: A very seductive purple dress is the main character of the bonus!

She is deciding wheter or not she should start a story with her politician…
To fight the cold, she has on a long white coat covered in feathers.
To finish the outfit perfectly, she wears white Jimmy Choos with an open toe.
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  1. Charlotte York il said:

    Yeeeeeeeeah! You said Carrie had a horrific outfit 😀
    Anyway I’m not satisfied with the clothes they wore in this episode!
    The only ones that I appreciated are Charlotte’s grey one and the one in the bonus ^_^ Needless to say, I found that politician quite attractive and charming… No one is capable of being so attractive even if white haired :) He has a gift!

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