Was It Good For You?

Who we are in bed is who we are in life. I never met a man who was bad in bed who was good at life.

SEASON TWO – EPISODE SIXTEEN; “Was It Good For You?”: Problematic men, problematic men everywhere! And the center of the problem is SEX. Charlotte is dating a hard working orthopedic surgeon, who once (and after that time, many other) fell asleep whilst in the act of love making.

She desperately seeks help at Carrie’s.

Reflecting her mood, Charlotte’s outfit is basically gym pants and a sweater, whereas Carrie is sporting a boho dress, long till her ankles.

From this little accident caused by a lack of sleep, Charlotte starts considering herself a bad lover. After this realisation, she decides she is going to attend a tantric workshop to learn how to satisfy her men. Samantha’s idea around the topic is that if you are a good and succesful person in life, your sex life will be just as good and succesful. And to support the theory, she takes herself as an example. She has recently been chosen by a gay couple for their first sexual experience with a woman… to Samantha’s big surprise (and not really ours).

Carrie is listening to Samantha’s theory in a fashionable outfit: a black tank top and a high waisted jeans skirt.
At dinner with her gay friends, she wears a floral blouse and a flattered look on her face.

Carrie’s problem for the episode is different: while strolling in the street (in a super cute spaghetti strap blue dress), she gets hit by a cigarette butt. In pain, she yells at the culprit. However, she changes her mind about him when she sees how good looking he is. By the end of the conversation, started with anger and pain, Carrie ends up having a cappuccino with Patrick, and giving away her number (thing which she does only when sure he’ll call her soon).

Moments before being burnt by the butt, she is unaware of what’s going to happen (and who she’s going to meet).

After three days and no call from Patrick, she decides to face him when she accidentally bumps into him in the streets. Here, she finds out he’s and alcoholist and, many many passionless dates and many many hours of sex later, she understand the obsessive personality behind Patrick… he got addicted to HER!

Before spotting Patrick on the sidewalk, she was having a walk in her floral mini dress tied on her waist by a golden belt.

FASHION BONUS: Going through Carrie’s dates with Patrick, we can have a look at her fabulous (and sometimes not so fabulous) outfit choices.

16(f)Number 1: A leopard print strapless top paired with balck pants. I’m not really into this style, but she is still rocking it!

16(g)Number 2: A very romantic powdery pink dress, that hugs her on the top, and falls wonderfully on the bottom part. As an accessorie, she has a golden clutch in her hand.


16(h)Number 3: A dark red, suede like dress with a deep v neck (to seduce Patrick into going first base with her).


16(i)Number 4: A floral top with a halter neckline in the shades of blue and lilac, paired with baby pink trousers and a white purse.

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2 thoughts on “Was It Good For You?

  1. Charlotte York il said:

    How much I love Carrie’s outfits this time! ^_^
    You’re right, the blue one is breathtaking and so is the floral one: I’m in love with its shape, length, just EVERYTHING. And the golden belt is perfect! I also appreciate the pink and the dark red one :)
    The girl definitely has style! And is it just me or this addicted man is the one who gets naked in front of her house? I forgive him, only ‘cause he’s quite hot, as far as I’m concerned :p

    • robbyandtheshoes il said:

      Loved loved loved her outfits in the episode, the pink one and the blue one are amazing, even if the floral one isn’t my favourite of hers (if we don’t mention the leopard print top… ugh).
      Yes he is the drunk naked guy at the end of the episode ahaha just as embarassing as you calling him “quite hot” (I’d say he is cute, that’s it)

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