Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women

Twenty-something girls are just fabulous… Until you see one with the man who broke your heart.

SEASON TWO – EPISODE SEVENTEEN; “Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women”: We are playing an away game this time. The four ladies have accepted Charlotte’s invitation to join her in a summer house in the Hamptons. However Charlotte kicks off the vacation by meeting a young boy, Greg, whom she will spend part of her time in the Hamptons with. Here Carrie and her friends start to express their concerns and considerations about twenty-something girls and boys.

Summer attire for Miranda, Samantha and Carrie: Miranda’s in all green, with a tank top and a long skirt, accessorised with a big floppy hat; Samantha’s gone for a seductive coral jumpsuit with a REALLY low cut in the front; Carrie, in the tones of lilac and blue, is just wearing a top and capri pants.
Charlotte’s outfit is more young-looking: a polka dot mini dress with a pair of slippers and a big hat.

Sharing the rent of a house is not something for four ladies in their thirty in the first place, but going to a beach party with dozens of twenty-something kids is too much… at least for Miranda, Samantha and Carrie. Charlotte, who’s still hanging out with young Greg, is having none of the thirty-something vs twenty-something stuff, and pretends to be a 27 year old girl.

NOT HAVING FUN! Carrie seems to be wearing a towel, Samantha’s still fashionable in her Paris themed dress and Miranda looks super good in her brick brown short top and long mauve skirt.
As for the younger version of Charlotte, she is wearing a beautiful checkered pink dress which hugs her figure really well. Here she is stranded on top of Greg, after a rough night as a young girl.

After going back to Manhattan for a book party (with her new acolyte she’s mentoring), she meets a romantic and funny doctor, Bradley Meego: basically a “good on paper” kind of guy. He desperately wants to see her again, and he also happens to be in the Hamptons while Carrie is there too. “He’s cute. I’m just not really sure I’m interested.” she tells her friends. But Carrie changes her mind when Charlotte comes home with another guest: CRABS! She flees from the house and takes advantage of the situation to meet doctor Meego at his great little house nearby.

She is uncomfortable talking about the whole crabs situation in the house, but she is not as uncomfortable in her orange floral beach dress, which has a really low cut on the sides, where we can spot a black bandeau underneath.

Another night, another event. Samantha’s ex assistant, twenty-something year old Nina G, has organized one of the most popular parties, to Samantha’s big frustration.

Samantha looks like a goddess in her white long sleeved crop top and blue sarong; while Carrie is more like a cow girl with her texan hat, paired with a patterned beige bandeau and striped sarong.
As for Charlotte, she is lovely in her white dress with floral decorations; whereas Miranda is wonderful with her long red dress with golden rims.

Although the party, now in the professional hands of Samantha after Nina’s panic attac, is going well, it ends disastrously when Carrie spots Mr. Big with his new woman, Natasha, a twenty-something girl.


FASHION BONUS: For the book party back in Manhattan, Carrie decides to wear a little black dress, a evergreen in fashion, with a lace like texture.

fashion bonus 17b
Look at them legs, GIRL!
fashion bonus 17a
Here she arrives with what Miranda has defined her “groupie”.
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2 thoughts on “Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women

  1. Charlotte York il said:

    Charlotte never disappoints me! ^_^
    I love her outfits and also Sam’s one (except for that white long sleeved top).. as for Miranda, she chose quite lovely dresses which is an event for me 😀
    (I know, I’m mean with her business woman style)
    The only Carrie’s dress I appreciated is the one of the bonus! <3
    I agree with you, it's an evergreen in fashion and it's stunning.
    I love dresses because, somehow, aside from very specific patterns, they're always on point, no matter the time we live in…

    • robbyandtheshoes il said:

      I actually loved the white crop top Sam wore at the party
      I am impressed with Miranda’s looks too (apart from that horrific hat of hers), good for her!
      And I agree with you! Dress are always loyal and appropriate. HURRAY DRESSES!

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