The Caste System

Had our class system been replaced by a caste system?
And if so, can we date outside our caste?

SEASON TWO – EPISODE TEN; “The Caste System”: While Miranda is having problem with his “working class (according to Charlotte)” boyfriend, and Samantha has to deal with his man’s “servant”, Carrie is starting to realize she is falling more and more in love with Mr. Big, but when she spills it out without even realizing it, he doesn’t know what to answer…

Carrie’s outfit: black skirt below the knee, colorful spaghetti strap top and red slip on sandals with an open toe.
Carrie said “I love you” to Big after he gave her this duck shaped purse… I wonder what she would have told him after a diamond ring!

10(e)Each time they meet after Big’s missing response, Carrie still can’t believe he is not telling her “I love you”, and she is strating to be bothered and annoyed at him.
When Big takes Carrie to a cocktail party at Sarina Bush’s home, Carrie could feel more out of place! SO, it is true we still live in a caste divided society? Among people who don’t serve brown food or drink and who have the same animal shaped purse as hers, she understands that Big might not have understaood her at all. “I realized to my horror that not only did Big not love me… he had absolutely no idea who I was.” a scared and annoyed Carrie tells us, so she decides to cast out of the fancy party, to accidentally find a friend/flirt of hers to smoke with… And to go home with her!

With her bejeweld duck purse, she goes home after a couple of margaritas with her friend Jeremiah. Maybe that patchword boho style dress wasn’t the right choice for a fancy party on the Upper East Side.

“Listen…I know what you’re really pissed off about. It’s just something I gotta do in my own time. Okay? I fucking love you. All right? You know I do.”. Big, the morning after the party, phones at the home of a hungover, confused Carrie, who, a second before the phone rang, was lying next to Jeremiah (still dressed). He needs to tell her girlfriend how he really feels, and that’s when Carrie says: “I never told Mr. Big. I figured everything before “I love you” just doesn’t count.”

FASHION BONUS: After spilling the truth about the caste system of modern day society, Charlotte finds herself stuck in an uncomfortable situation: she’s the new flirt of a celebrity, but he treats her more like a groupy, a toy to play with, than a woman. She meets him at her gallery and suddenly throws away all her principles to go home with him.

fashion bonus 10b

She is looking super good in her baby pink dress, even if her straps are all over the place because of all of the snogging!

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2 thoughts on “The Caste System

  1. Charlotte York il said:

    That purse made me throw up while Carrie’s top was lovely indeed :)
    The bonus was on top! How I missed Charlotte’s style :p

    • robbyandtheshoes il said:

      It is HIDEOUS indeed! Carrie’s outfits in this episode weren’t the best ones we’ve seen. On the other hand Charlotte’s on top! She had another outfit in the episode (a black audrey like dress) that was dreamy too! <3

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