The Big Time

Manhattan is a place you can get anything anytime. Cabs at 2:00 am. Chinese food at 3:00. But somehow you can never get your dry-cleaning.

SEASONE THREE – EPISODE EIGHT; “The Big Time”: Ah… Manhattan! Time is essential in a busy city like thee Big Apple. Timing is a big factor in a relationship too, especially for those who don’t believe in fate and destiny. Charlotte’s big romantic side is even bigger now she’s met Trey, and she wants to believe it was fate. Because… he might be the one.

Can she be more in love? In her little black dress and pink coat she is lovely!
Dreamy… In her black dress with a cut out on her cleavage.

While Charlotte is enjoying her own love story with Trey, Samantha is having problems with her new neighbours… Len, a middle aged men, keeps asking her out, and the discomfort is REAL! But when she realises she might have reached the stage of her life where every “mature” woman has to go, she touches rock bottom and goes out for a night with annoying Len. Luckily it was just a false allarm.

Awkward… As she tries to avoid him, we can see her beautiful pink suit.
Here she tells her friends she might be in menopause. Sam is wearing a beige super chic dress; Carrie, as edgy as ever, is sporting a fringed red top; Charlotte’s classy look never leaves her, as we see with her black dress; Miranda is more colourful than ever in her checkered dress.

Miranda is struggling with Steve’s rush ahead of time… he already wants a kid, without realising how hard it is to take care of one. She has to make him reason about the whole baby thing, especially because she is busier than ever now that she may become a partner. However, not even the cutest dog can help the relationship out of the situation, and the two of them end up breaking up.

Mean mommy-Miranda is scolding Steve in her long brown skirt and olive green top.
Miranda is wearing a grey traditional suit and Carrie a blue dress and the oh so famous rose brooch while talking about the relationship problems Miranda is having.
This is the end… Miranda is wearing a grey suit with a white shirt, and tied on the waiste she has a leather belt. As Steve chooses the dog to bring home, Miranda is put in a corner.

Carrie’s problems have nothing to do with her perfect relationship with Aidan, but the ghosts from her past come out and hunt her when she less expects it. Aidan can’t go to a party on a “fancy boat”, so Charlotte and Trey accompany her. But the nightmare comes with her too as she meets her ex man Big on that same boat. And the worste thing is, he saw her running away from him after she spotted him at the opera some time before, so he wants explanations.

Despite the fact Manhattan is available at all the time, her dry cleaner isn’t, so she ends up without a dress to wear at the party, as we see from her pink tights and high waisted shorts.
But here she is in her night blue dress, whereas Charlotte’s floral dress represents her state of mind: LOVE.

Recovering from her “see-Big sickness”, she is spending her time with adorable Aidan, but Big comes along and ruins everything… ” I miss you. I can’t fucking stop thinking about you. There you have it.”… Such a BUZZKILL!

Satin pink pants and floral blouse, hands in her hair and head full of worries.

FASHION BONUS: Carrie’s dress for the fancy boat party was lovely, despite the fact she chose it last minute because of the dry cleaner. It’s a night blue dress with a V cut that suits her form both on the front and on the back. To accessories, she’s gone for a beautiful necklace that pairs perfectly with the dress, strappy sandals and a clutch under her arm.

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