I don’t even want to get in the irony. He writes short stories. This has officially become too weird. Really, in a situation like this, you gotta laugh.

SEASON TWO – EPISODE FIFTEEN; “Shortcomings”: Carrie’s dating a fiction writer, Vaughn Weisel, whose family seems to fit Carrie’s taste just like a glove! She meets Vaughn’s parents and sisters when her new fling drags her into the fancy town house of Vaughn’s parents.


Even though she thinks she is not wearing the right clothes for a family introduction, we all believe she looks stylish in her colourful outfit, with a tie dyed top and a pastel coloured skirt. At her feet we spot her usual sandals (whom we love so very much!).

She gets along with the Weisel family so well that she hangs out a couple of times with Wallis, the mother…

Look at the admiration in her eyes while having lunch with Wallis! She is glowing in her blue boho like top with flower stripes.

…But it’s another story when it comes to her relationship with Vaughn in bed. As soon as they start kissing each other, the accident happens, and talking of shortcomings you understand what I mean with “the accident”: he lasts a short period of time (very short and frustrating period of time).

She feels like this problem is going to affect their relationship, but he doesn’t want to hear or talk about it. And, when Carrie tries to make him reason over it, he freaks out, keeping this attitude even when having lunch with his family. It’s inevitable she has to break up with him, however it is easier than breaking up with Wallis, his mother.

It’s an awkward situation, and Carrie decides to leave, showing us her grey mini-dress with a boat neckline.
To accessorize, she chose a gucci bag.

In the meanwhile, Charlotte is having her brother Wesley over after his divorce. She wants to introduce him to her friend Carrie, only Carrie, but Samantha comes along… and of course she ends up sleeping with Wesley.

Carrie’s dress is black, with a fire-looking design in the front.
By the look on her face, we can feel Charlotte’s worry. But she still looks stunning in her floral brown dress with a simple neckline.
With a drink in her hand, she is flirting hard with Charlotte’s brother. In her blue cocktail dress she will have every man she wants…
fashion bonus 15c
… and the low cut on the back make the dress look even more sexy, yet classy.

FASHION BONUS: Leaving aside Carrie’s “shortcoming” problem and Wesley’s visit, Miranda is dating a divorced father, and for a date in the park, she surprises us all with a beautiful outfit (that still fits her style perfectly).

fashion bonus 15a fashion bonus 15bShe is wearing matching long skirt and halter neckline top, both with a tribal style pattern. As for the accessories, Miranda is wearing brown sandals and a see through bag.

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2 thoughts on “Shortcomings

  1. Charlotte York il said:

    Among the dresses worn by Carrie, my fave is the grey one! Doesn’t she look amazing with it? *-* And I also love the colour of Sam’s dress, I bet the reason why I like it is that it’s close to my eyes’ colour 😀
    I also liked Charlotte’s floral dress, but for once, Carrie’s grey one has won my heart <3
    Good to see Miranda in a bonus, this time she quite deserves it.

    • robbyandtheshoes il said:

      I agree with you about the grey dress, it’s so classy and pretty! But I wanted to put Miranda in the bonus for once (we don’t know if she will ever wear something good again… oops, ahaha)

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