Running with Scissors

I got thinking about safe sex. Odd how only when our physical life is at risk. Do we follow certain guidelines to protect ourselves? What about our emotional lives?

SEASON THREE – EPISODE ELEVEN; “Running With Scissors”: Carrie is still going on with her secret affair with Big, but it’s not as exciting as it was before, no more. The problem of whether or not telling about them to Natasha is wieghing on Big, and Carrie is afraid. Will it be a safe step to take? Of course not! And is it safe for Samantha to test her sexual health (just to have sex with a new man)? And for Miranda to have a crush on a Sandwich Man?

At the begnning: sexy black trench coat and aviator sunglasses…
… at the end: cute red polka dot white dress and a distressed exression on her face.

She can’t go on like this, so she goes to Miranda, who didn’t know anything, for advice. “What about Aidan? What about him? I would die if he found out. Big’s acting jealous. I’m so afraid he’ll call him or do something stupid.” Now it’s only Charlotte, the-world-according-to-bride, who doesn’t know about them. Now yet though…

Two very different outfits: Carrie’s in her most casual attire, whereas Miranda is showing off her bare back in a beautiful floral red dress.

After a japanese business man mistakes her for a prostitute, Carrie storms out of the hotel on 56th and 8th (“nobody knows us on 56th and 8th.”) and bumps into Charlotte, who understands what’s going on…

Trying to hide her unfaithful situation, Carrie is wearing a nude dress with a simple cut.

Despite her soon to be married friend, who tries to put her in Natasha shoes, Carrie keeps doing her usual things with Big, but this time… in his HOUSE! Obviously Natasha would come home earlier than expected and would catch her sneaking out. However, it is not that obvious that she would fall on the stairs and break her lip and tooth. Carrie escorts her to the hospital and, there, she tells Big that there’s no point for their relationship to go on as it is.

Ankle length grey skirt, sandals and a denim jacket over her bra… she doesn’t want to keep it going.

As for our other ladies, Miranda is having troubles with a Sandwich Man, who harasses her on the street… the problem ends when she sees his meaty lips and white teeth and gets curious about who’s underneath the suit.

Lovely pencil skirt and patterned blouse for Miranda. Not as lovely look on her face while telling off the Sandwich Man.
Still not a lovely look, but her outfit is amazing. She is wearing a red scarf over a beautiful navy blue dress tied by a belt on her waiste.

Samantha is having a new problem, brought to her by her active (yet safe) sex life. When she is asked to do a HIV test, she freaks out, but it’s nothing to worry about… she is safe and sound.

Here she is wearing a orange top over a floral red skirt, trying to find the man for the night…
… but here she is worried that her result might be positive to AIDS, in her dark grey suit.

FASHION BONUS: Our girl Charlotte is looking for the perfect wedding gown, and, for a help, she finds Anthony. They are both at a wedding dress shop when we see Charlotte’s wonderful grey dress, tied on the back of her neck, accessorised by a black leather purse and embellished by a classy hairstyle, half up half down.

fashion bonus 11a

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