Politically Erect

I realized that politics had not only entered my bedroom but my bathroom as well. I decided then and there that my bravest political act would be to tell the truth.

SEASON THREE – EPISODE TWO; “Politically Erect”: Carrie is dating Bill Kelley, the politician she met in Staten Island a few weeks before. Having such a man by her side, she doesn’t miss the chance to recreat the perfect looks of the most famous first ladies, Jackie Kennedy for instance.

Here’s Carrie in a beige coat and huge sunglasses…
… and here’s Jackie Kennedy in a similar coat and sunglasses.

Another political look Carrie shows off can be seen during one of the usual girls’ dates with her friends. While they’re discussing politics and the looks of politician in power, Carrie seems very presidential in her powdery blue suit and striped blouse (maybe too patriottic, but it’ll do). In her outfit she also hands out advices to Miranda about her intricate story with bartender Steve.

A broad shouldered blazer matching her trousers, Carrie seems such a politician. While Miranda doesn’t give a damn about catwalk and just puts her hands in her kaki pants’ pockets.
When she’s back home, we can see her striped blouse better.

Another perk of dating a politician is beign able to attend fancy parties for a political fundraiser.

Samantha’s all in white (in what looks like a track suit?!); Carrie is wearing a BEAUTIFUL nude strapless dress with a flowrs brooch; Charlotte is super fancy in a little black dress (and a different, half up half down ‘do).
Miranda looks AMAZING in her black suit. I think that the best accessorie to the outfit is her hairstyle, different from her usual and very stylish.

However, as perfect as it may seem, Bill Kelley has a bit of a flaw when it comes to secret sex fantasies… he would like Carrie to PEE ON HIM! Carrie doesn’t know how to react to this unexpected desire, and seeks help from her friends.

In her blue rain coat and indigo blue clutch, Samantha’s complexion pops out wonderfully. As for Carrie, she is sporting a pink shirt underneath a big furry coat and a blue rose brooch.
Miranda’s gone for a more sporty orange and yellow style; whereas Charlotte looks great in her black turtleneck and red leather jacket.

To try and avoid as much as possible the moment when she would have to pee on his boyfriend, Carrie stops drinking… but it’s not easy if you’re eating the hottest curry in the city! Luckily, that night the politician has to be home earlier, so they won’t spend the night together.

Date night in a pink dress tied on the waiste by a black band, everything paired with a pink jeweld chocker necklace.

While Carrie is having troubles reenacting “The Princess and the Pee”, Charlotte has organized a party to which every woman invited had to bring a man she was not interested in: basically the representation of “One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure”. Samantha’s takes the chance to invite her small man and try and dump him, whereas Carrie just brings Stanford. The night isn’t going to work out for many of the ladies: Carrie leaves on her own; Charlotte makes a guy’s ex girlfriend jealous and the two end up in her room snogging; Samantha goes home with small guy Jeff and she has a night she won’t forget (of sex, obviously).

Pretty as always, she is wearing a white sparkly top underneath a sheer black blouse.
Samantha is fantastic in her red dress and furry coat.
Inspired by Aladdin, Carrie is wearing a black waistecoat like top with puffy beige rims and blue three quarter length pants.
Miranda wears a sleeveless purple turtleneck.

FASHION BONUS: The night with Jeff has changed Samantha’s politically incorrect view of smaller people, so she decides to have a second date with him. Despite still seeing him as a little boy (and despite the fact he shops in Bloomingsdale boy’s deartment), she is going to date her for 2 more weeks.

She seems to be aware that red dress are perfect for blonde women, as she is wearing another red dress, a but darker this time, underneath a furry coat and a slick back hairstyle.

fashion bonus 2a fashion bonus 2b

CELEB BONUS: At Charlotte’s party, we see a face we should know quite well… It’s a young Elizabeth Banks! She’s Catherine, a guest at the party.

celeb bonus 2

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  1. Charlotte York il said:

    Much better dresses in this one!
    I loved the girls’ style during the various parties :)
    Carrie’s stapless dress was lovely and so was her pink one!
    Charlotte was as pretty and dreamy as usual (which I love) with her sparkling top ^^ And do I have to comment Sam’s red one (the one of bonus)?!
    That was STUNNING! And the golden accessories were the icing on the cake!
    Thank you for saying it, Bob! I hadn’t realised before that Elizabeth Banks had a cameo :)

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