Oh Come All Ye Faithful

The Religion Of The 90’s

SEASONE ONE – EPISODE TWELVE; “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”: Season finale all about religion!The four girls are faced with religious matters, and they understand that nowadays worshipping is stricktly related to relationships. “Are relationships the religion of the ’90s?” Carrie wonders as she writes her column. She decides to search deeper. As Carrie studies people and their relationship with religion, she sees Big coming out of the church with another woman (his mother).

12bBeing it Sunday morning, she couldn’t be bothered to be as stylish as during week days (and nights). She shows up in her jogging gear, wearing sport shoes and a cappuccino in one hand.

As curious as she is, she decides she wants to meet momma Big, but her boyfriend won’t let her. So she decides to spy on them the next Sunday morning, at church. The disappointment is real when, after being recognized in church for making a bible drop on the floor in the middle of the function, she is introduced to Big’s mother as “My friend Carrie.”

Miranda too has to face religion, when his boyfriend Thomas confesses his need to take a shower after having sex, to wash the sin away.

She explains her problem to Carrie, who wears a casual outfit paired with red shoes with a high heel and an ankle strap.

Carrie has another problem to face though… Big has organized a trip for two to the Caribbean, but she needs to tell him how uncomfortable she feels about their unbalanced relationship. Even though he told her she needed to be more faithful, Carrie feels she needs a different kind of faith, “Faith in myself. Faith that I would one day meet someone…”. The voice over tells us about these feeling of hers, while she watches Big leave her and we admire her classy outfit with red heels.

12cFASHION BONUS: Even though the setting of the scene isn’t the happiest, I fell in love with Carrie’s outfit at the end of the episode. She was (physically) ready to leave for the Caribbean, wearing a high waisted navy blue skirt with white polka dots, a white top that leaves her shoulders naked and red slip on shoes.

fashion bonus 12d fashion bonus 12eEverything is paired with blue gloves covering her forearm and a big, blue clutch.

FASHION BONUS 2: Double feature for this episode! I also loved Carrie’s retro outfit she wore at church.

fashion bonus 12 fashion bonus 12b fashion bonus 12cShe goes for a green and white striped dress, whose shape reminds me of a 40’s dress; she wears a big, floppy beige hat and a pair of white, lace-like gloves. Everything is then topped with a purple clutch undr her left arm.

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2 thoughts on “Oh Come All Ye Faithful

  1. Charlotte York il said:

    Here I am, after reading all these “articles” andwhat can I say?! I had so much fun reading what you wrote! You’ve got a sense of humour that I adore and damn it, I didn’t remember all these fabulous shoes from the first season. I guess I should rewatch it someday. Especially because I don’t usually focus too much on Carrie’s shoes and that’s a shame! I hope you’ll keep on writing because you made me so glad and carefree and “stylish”, by reading this :) I mean, I’m in my room with a typical not stylish outfit, but thanks to you now I feel more stylish and I know what would make me more stylish, if you know what I mean. Besides, I loved your comments about everything! And the BONUS were the very best ^-^ I noticed Miranda’s “absence”, but I found it appropriate, since I’ve never seen her as the most stylish of the group. I appreciated the fact you included Sam and Charlotte because the two definitely have that something! And I hope you’ll maybe include them even more for the second season. Anyhow, keep on with the great work and remember that I’ll always follow you! <3 I spent such a lovely half an hour in your blog's company 😉

    • robbyandtheshoes il said:

      Thanks honey! <3 I am glad you’re liking my posts, also because as I just started, I am not sure of what I am doing while writing ahah! And I love the fact that you feel stylish while reading (because I feel stylish while writing, even if I write in my pjs). As for why Miranda is missing in the bonus, it’s because in the first seasons she is too much of a business woman, and I find other outfits to be more appealing to the eye than hers Thanks for the support, you don’t realise how much I love you

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