No ifs, ands or Butts

She shouldn’t sacrifice who she is because somebody else has a problem with it.

SEASON THREE – EPISODE FIVE; “No Ifs, Ands, or Butts”: Carrie hasn’t had a crush for a long time, since Big actually, who for her “wasn’t a crush, he was a crash”. So it’s time to get back on track and, thanks to here friend Stanford, she meets “by chance” Aidan Shaw: “He was warm, masculine and classic American. Just like his furniture.”.  In fact, faking being interested designers, Stanford and Carrie show up at his forniture shop just to spy on him, but her curiosity turns out to become a crush.

Being casual, she is wearing a green checkered blouse and kaki pants underneath her patchwork coat.

She can’t wait to tell her friend Miranda about her new crush, so the two of them reunite for a cupcake date and a chatting session about their problems. Effectively, Carrie is not the only one with juicy (or maybe not?) news to share, because Miranda has to go against her typical cynicism and support her boyfriend Steve in a silly dream. “Isn’t that what you couples do, support each other’s silly dreams?”.

Here she’s listening to Steve rambling about million dollar half-court shots, in her casual t-shirt and blue and green skirt, matching her green bag and complementing her complection really well.
Miranda is wearing navy blue capri pants underneath a red coat and plain top; whereas Carrie is like a schoolgirl in her knee high socks, light blue skirt and blazer and scarf.

Her dating with Aidan seems to go pretty well, she shows up in a fancy long blue dress and laughs at every joke he makes about his dog Pete humping her leg. However the night won’t finish with the beloved first kiss, because Carrie’s smoke breath (and smoking habit) is not tolerated by her new crush…

Here it is, the flowy long blue dress with light blue and red designs, paired with red booties and a white furry coat.

She has to decide… changing her habits, especially the habits that defines her, the one of smoking, just because she likes a guy very much, or give everything up? She eventually chooses Aidan over her cigarettes, but not after struggling through it.

Only Stanford can understand her passion about cigarettes, but they decide to stop this habit for the better. Here she is in a multi colored long sleeved dress and her (now usual) rose brooch.
She has to tell Aidan she is quitting smoking, and she shows up at his shop in baby pink pants and white tank top with (yet another) rose brooch.

As for Samantha, she is dating a new, very handsome guy, Chivon Williams, brother of Adeena, a succesful chef. The problem this time isn’t Samantha’s attitude towards him, which seems to be more that just sex, but Chivan’s sister’s. ” I’m sure you’re a very nice person, but you’re White. I have a problem with my only brother getting serious with a White woman.”.

First date, and she shows up on golden pants and jacket, and a white bandeau.
Next is a bronze sequined dress and a lovely smile, which will soon be shut down by sister Adeena.

However, she will not give up such a nice guy just because his sister doesnt’ approve, and she will fight for him! Despite her attraction to him, she will eventually solve the problem by dumping Chivan and his ineptitude of standing up against his sister.

Jennifer Lopez style, Sam is sporting a long dress with an even longer split on the sides, showing her underwear underneath.

FASHION BONUS: Beside being an absolute biotch with Samantha, Adeena looked like and egyptian goddess in her long red dress and gold statement necklace.

fashion bonus 5a fashion bonus 5b

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