La Douleur Exquise!

it’s a common belief that a relationship without pain… is a relationship not worth having. To some, pain implies growth.

SEASON TWO – EPISODE TWELVE; “La Douleur Exquise!”: The exquisite pain! When, in a relationship, pain for love ends and pain-pain begins? And is pain something you can get obsessed with? The episode starts in a S & M restaurant, which, of course, needs appropriate clothing:

Mirada hasn’t left her lawer-like style behind, with a black vest and a spiky necklace.
Samantha sets the bar high: she is wearing a super tight dark purple dress, with gloves till her elbow, a choker necklace, a top hat and a whip!
With Smantha’s hat and whip, Carrie surprises Big. A dark top tied on the back of her necka and behind her ribs with a longuette.

To get along with the episode opening, the ladies have to face their fetishes and secret obsessions. Beside Samantha’s obsession for everything that is out there in the world, Charlotte meets someone she would get along with pretty well: a shoe seller. As every woman in the world, she really love shoe shopping, especially if we’re talking about really expansive and attractive shoes!

Matching baby blue top and pencil skirt with black thong sandals with a kitten heel.
This time she has chosen a floral summery skirt and a coral top to go with her new purchase…
… white sandals (for free too!).

Their newly born relationship (if we can call it so…) has to end quickly, when she realises the privileges she was given by the shoe seller were just his excuse to keep touching her feet!

While Charlotte is having trouble with the feet fetish of her shoe seller, Miranda is going wild with a man whose fetish is to have sex in places where people could see them, even people such as HIS OWN PARENTS!

Here, she is led into the place where Mark Twain lived, to have a sexy experience with her man.

As for Carrie, she has to face the fact that her relationship with Big is going to end again, as he decides himself to leave for Paris for work without considering her opinion. Despite calling him drunk in the middle of the night and yell at him (“You’re a freaking old man. You should be thinking about somebody else. This is not fake us. This is real.” “This is about taking responsibility. It’s about being a grown-up. It’s about being a man.”) she organizes a welcome home surprise, french style!

French Carrie is wearing an orange dress that reaches below her knee, with a cute little black berret.

She tells her boyfriend she is considering moving to Paris just for him, but he makes sure she understands that “I have to be in a relationship… where if I have to go to Paris, I have to go to Paris”. Delusional, as always. And she is back to that pain she seems to love so much, the pain of being in love with someone that will never give her what she really wants. She decides to let him go to Paris, untying herself from Big… “But there was nothing exquisite about it”.

FASHION BONUS: While chatting with Charlotte and Miranda, Carrie shows off one of her best outfits:

fashion bonus 12aA boat neck dress with the black top decorated with small glitters and a patterned skirt. Everything is topped with a metallic lilac clutch.

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2 thoughts on “La Douleur Exquise!

  1. Charlotte York il said:

    Hey Dear :*
    What can I say? Sam is always the dumbest and funniest :p
    As to the outfits, I loved Charlotte’s tops and skirts and I perfectly understand her addiction to shoes :)
    I also appreciated Carrie’s orange dress and the one in the bonus *-*
    Whilst Miranda always ships herself with horrific style :O
    My eyes hurt each time I see her outfits…

    • robbyandtheshoes il said:

      You are such a Charlotte! I can totally see you with her style. I appreciate Carrie’s style more though 😉 As for Miranda’s… I think (and hope) her style will get better, or else we are in dangerous fashion waters! Ahah

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