Games People Play

We spent our childhoods playing games. Were they all just primers for the games we played as adults?

SEASON TWO – EPISODE THIRTEEN; “Games People Play”: After her second break with Big, Carrie is happy to have time to catch up with her friends, but they are not as happy… She is starting to get on their nerves by talking about Big continuously.

For her stroll with Charlotte, Carrie is wearing a brown top tied on her back and casual jeans with strappy heeled sandals. Charlotte has gone for a long peony skirt, a girly top and white sandals.
LOOK AT SAMANTHA’S FACE! She’s fed up! A blue, florally strap less dress for Carrie and a pink top and a black skirt for Samantha.
Miranda is having none of it! For her girls’ night in she is wearing a long periwinkle skirt and a flowy top, whereas Carrie has a bold colourful dress on, with her high half up, half down.

That’s the reason why, following her friends’ advice (Stanford included: “This is Manhattan. Even the shrinks have shrinks!”), she goes to see a shrink.

It’s her first session, and she has decided to wear a floral dress with a low neckline, but not as low as her next session’s dress…
… This is low! To impress Seth, she dresses up with a floral dress, and she look FABULOUS!


DIAGNOSIS: Carrie picks the wrong men.

We have witnessed it multiple times, just consider Big, and we will see who’s next in this episode as well! While waiting for her second session at Doctor G, she meets a guy, whose name we’ll know the following session: Seth, a photographer. After a couple of dates, they end up playing a game of Twister and, a left hand on yellow and a right foot on green later, they decide to shift the game under the bed sheets.

After a night out, they play Twister at Carrie’s, who’s wearing a blue top and yellow shirts, with black décolletées.


After the act, Carrie curiously asks Seth why he’s been going to the shrink for a year, and the answer is enlightening: he loses interest in women after he sleeps with them. Another men, another proof Carrie picks the wrong kinds.

FASHION BONUS: This time it’s not really a fashion bonus, but an appreciation of the ladies’ formation and and confidence while going out for a happy hour.

13(f)Their strut is just runway material, and their confidence while talking about games and playing games in a relationship is uncanny!

They’re as classy as always: Miranda, in all black, doesn’t betrays her lawer dignity; Carrie is still in her floral purple dress; Samantha’s never looked more professional (or maybe yes?) in her skirt and top in blue shades and a white coat; as for Charlotte, she sports a red dress in a classical shape.

CELEB BONUS: As you may have guessed by the pictures, Seth is no less than Jon Bon Jovi, hit singer in the 90’s.

celeb bonus 13a

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One thought on “Games People Play

  1. Charlotte York il said:

    As you could obviously foresee, I’m in love with all the floral dresses Carrie wore :)
    My fave of them all? The white and red one ^^
    I also loved Charlotte’s red dress and I share your pov about the ladies in the bonus! As for Mr Jon Bon Jovi, let’s take a looooong moment to appreciate his manhood, sexiness and that cute smile of his… as a 80’s song would say… “Sunday… I’m in love” 😀

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