Ex And The City

I had solved the unsolvable friendship equation. It seems the answer is this: Cosmopolitans plus scotch equals friendship with an ex.

SEASON TWO – EPISODE EIGHTEEN; “Ex And The City”: Season finale, and it’s gonna be good! Miranda rans away to avoid meeting his ex boyfriend Steve, causing Carrie to consider getting in touch with Mr Big and resuscitate their love in what she wants to be a friendship. “If you loved someone and you break up…where does the love go?” Carrie wonders while having a chat with her friends.

Before spotting Steve, Miranda was on the phone in a simple floral dress. While picking some flowers, Carrie’s wearing a pink tank top and pastel yellow capri pants.

If we keep our oldest clothes, even if we don’t use them, why should we throw away our ex boyfriends? When Carrie finds in her closet a dress she used to wear in the 80’s, she understands that the more mature thing to do is to call her ex. Moments later, after hanging up in front of Natasha, Big’s newer and younger woman, she calls again and organises a friendly lunch with him.

In her white tank top and sparkly pink skirt, Carrie is awkwardly conversating with her ex Big.

They meet for lunch in a fancy restaurant, however, the date is going to end disastrously as Big announces his engagement with “Idiot Stick Figure With No Soul” aka Natasha. And, in addition to Carrie’s anger, they invite her to their engagement party. She obviously is not going to show up at the event, but, out of curiosity, she decides to go home taking the way which passes in front of the location of the party. It is over, she understands as she sees the soon to be married couple getting on a car. She is standing still and Big comes over to her. “Why wasn’t it me?” she can’t avoid to ask. No answer. “Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free until they find someone…just as wild to run with.”… Carrie realises she is one of those women.

In a beautiful pearl white dress, she looks angelic, contemplating what could have been hers, but isn’t.

New friends are on the way for the other three ladies: Samantha has met a man she can’t handle, or better, whose “friend” she can’t handle (a man she curiously nicknamed Mr. Cocky); Miranda has decided to try become friends with her ex Steve, without the success she hoped, as they end up in bed together; Charlotte’s friend is of another kind… it’s a horse that has reminded her Taddy, the last horse she’s ever loved.

Samantha’s wearing a wonderful red dress with a tiger print clutch when she meets Mr. Cocky, the man she can’t handle.
Red dress for Carrie, leopard print dress for Samantha; they’re are discussing Samantha’s new fling and her search for the right… size.
Charlotte’s riding gear is a simple white top and a pair of jeans. As for Carrie, her choice, a red leaether like top, jeans and golden heeled sandals, isn’t the best for a stable.

FASHION BONUS: I fell in love with Carrie’s outfit choice for her first lunch with Big after the break up. I litterally just want to reach my hand in the screen and grab it!

fashion bonus 18a fashion bonus 18bA baby pink dress, long just under the knees, paired with silver sandals. Love love love it!

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One thought on “Ex And The City

  1. Charlotte York il said:

    Hey Sweety :*
    First and foremost, you made a terrible mistake ‘cause the most angelic out of our 4 ladies is definitely Samantha (but in an alternative universe :p).
    Speaking of clothes, I’m in love with the white one Carrie wore: beyond classy, stylish and chic *-* Her pink one, the one you wanted to steal from the laptop’s screen 😀 and Sam’s red one: the woman is on fire, always!
    PS: Miranda’s purse was hideous!

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