Evolution (of relationships)

Relationships have declined since women came out the cave… looked around and said, “This isn’t so hard.”

SEASON TWO – EPISODE ELEVEN; “Evolution”: How do modern day relationships evolved? This is the big question. Carrie seems to have problems with Big and his fear of a stable relationship, so much that she can’t leave her stuff at his place. This means that she has to carry her panties around with her all the time, resulting in looking “like a nomad”; as for Miranda, she’s reached rock bottom after going to gynecologist and finding out she has a lazy ovary, a reminder of the passing of time and how her life isn’t evolving as much as she wants.

These topics come up during a girls date at the usual diner.

11(a)We see the girls with stylish outfits! Carrie has paired a leopard longuette dress with red slip ons; Miranda is showing off her lawer look with a maroon tuxedo; Samantha goes for a smart blue dress and Charlotte wears a black dress with white details on the top.

Carrie is a bit frustrated by her situation, so she decides to play with fire…

She is bragging about the “quite small and panty-free” purse to show off the fact that she is not going to take her panties with her anymore!
Flowy longuette and a sparkly crop top for Carrie; a long deep red dress with a deep v neck.
Samantha’s wearing a pink floral spaghetti strap dress, Miranda has gone for a long middle east patterned dress with a bateau/boat neck.

11(c) She starts leaving her stuff at Big’s, just to make sure he understands what kind of relationship she wants now. But he doesn’t miss a chance to disappointe her, and brings back to her the stuff she strategically left at his place. Only after she finds a picture of Big hugging her in a drawer of his, she understands that ” I didn’t have to worry about leaving something behind… because I was there.”

As for Samantha, she is going to have her heart broken again! Yes, because at the bar she spotted the only man who managed to make her fall in love with him and break her heart…

11(g)Her plan is simple… Break his heart just like he broke hers. “I’m gonna make him want me and right before we do it… I’m gonna drop him like he dropped me.” she tells Carrie while eating ice cream; she wears a baby blue top tucked into a light yellow pencil skirt, whereas Carrie is sporting a pretty floral dress.

Everything is set for the scene: Samantha has chosen a long black dress with a deep neckline and a low cut on the back, accessorized with pearl on her ears and a sensual smile.

Looking very fifty-like!

But, despite all her effort, it will end just like it ended before: with a broken heart. “As she watched history repeat itself… Samantha realized she couldn’t do what Dominic did… because she hadn’t evolved past having feelings.”

FASHION BONUS: Charlotte storyline develops together with the other girls’: she is dating a friend, Stephan, whom she thought was gay. After they kissed, she starts to consider him differently. Just until she realises that his masculine side wasn’t evolved enough for her taste.

11(bb) 11(b)She still thought he was gay when she accepted his invitation for a night out. Considering she didn’t want to impress anybody, she still looks gorgeous! She is wearing a patterned dress in the shades of blue, with a classy white coat with white pumps (she loves pumps, doesn’t she?) and a white bag. What I love most about this outfit is the glasses: she really is pulling them off like she owns it!

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  1. Charlotte York il said:

    OMG! All these outfits are gorgeous *-*
    Except for Miranda’s ones (obviously :p), I loved Charlotte’s dresses: elegant and simple just like she is, Sam’s ones: colourful, stylish and classy (at times), Carrie’s ones: sparkling with her light :3 The flowy longuette and crop top were a m a z i n g!
    And the floral dresses? Always the best!
    This bonus was suuuuuuper :) Loved it, my dear <3

    • robbyandtheshoes il said:

      I LOOOOVED the crop top and longuette outifit so much! She keeps surprising me with her style! Gorgeouse!
      Of course you love the floral dresses, they’re so pretty <3

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