Drama Queens

Now I know I wanna be with a man who wants to be with me. I’ve had enough relationship drama for one lifetime.

SEASON THREE – EPISODE SEVEN; “Drama Queens”: Oh Carrie, such a drama queen! And so are her friends, or at least Charlotte is as much as Carrie. While the lattest is constantly tryig to get in touch with a friend’s friend and possible husband, Carrie’s been having bad dreams because of something she feels it’s a bit out of phase. The thing is, nothing in her relationship with Aidan is out of phase, everything is perfect and she doesn’t know how to act.

Not even Barney’s shoes collection can calm her, in her white long sleeved dress with diagonal stripes.

Carrie’s dramatic worries come out straight to Aidan’s face: why are you still single? What’s a bad trait of yours I have to know? But he is just perfect boyfriend material. Especially when he invites her to a breakfast with his parents. What is going on? Big didn’t even introduce her to his mum as his girlfriend, whereas Aidan is ready to have her meet mum and dad.

In her striped purple top and kaki pants, she spills her worries.

Despite the fact that he is acting just like she wanted Mr. Big to act, Carrie is not yet ready to do the big step and meet the parents, so she cancels with Aidan and asks him to be less available for her. However, when she realises she might be about to lose the one man who really cares for her, she shows up unexpected at breakfast with his “folks”.

Full of worries, she cancels. She is wearing a blue sheer blouse with jeans, paired with a pink purse and a fabulous updo.
But she doesn’t want to see him go, and shows up in a beautiful stripes dress and, would you look at that, a rose brooch.

As for Charlotte quest for this Phil guy, she keeps trying to reach her friend Dennis so that he could give her his friend’s number, but it will all end dramatically: the reason why Dennis wouldn’t get her in touch with Phil is because he is madly in loe with her. As she runs away from him, she falls on the street right in front of a cab, and a man gets off and saves her.

She’s very classy for her dinner with Amy and Dennis, in a shirt and skirt.
Lovely in baby blue and green.
Amazing in red.
Left with Carrie at the opera, Charlotte is wearing a black dress with a furry throw on her shoulder; whereas Carrie is in a fringy mini dress.
We’ve already seen a similar outfit: white shirt and skirt with lipsticks designs.

Miranda finds very little drama in her relationship with Steve, it is actually a routine that has brought her to even wash his underwear. At least until she finds skid marks!

Back at home, back at her routine: she sports a olive green suit.
Here she’s found the marks on the underwear (ew!). She is wearing a navy blue suit.

FASHION BONUS: Carrie shows us a lovely dress while talking with Miranda about the drama and non drama in their lives. She is wearing a flowy blue dress tied on her teeny tiny waiste by a golden statement belt. What I love the most is her fashionable updo, which makes her look taller and FABULOUS!

fashion bonus 7a fashion bonus 7b

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One thought on “Drama Queens

  1. Charlotte York il said:

    J’ADORE! (not the Dior’s parfume)
    J’ADORE all the outfits my dear Charlotte wore *_*
    Isn’t she lovely and fabulous?! Always on point!
    I also loved the updo and the dress of the bonus (and Miranda’s purse) ^^
    And my love for stripes made me love Carrie’s dress for her date with Aiden.
    He’s always been one of the best guys, actually.
    Big definitely had more charm, but he was a jerk while Aidan was always a cupcake, even when Carrie didn’t deserve it.

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