Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl

That generation is all about sexual experimentation. All the kids are going bi.

SEASON THREE – EPISODE FOUR: “Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl”: The episode opens on Charlotte’s new feature in her gallery: an installation about gender bended models called “Drag Kings” (men are women and women are men, basically). Here the whole talk about sexual identity and bisexuality starts, helped by Sean, Carrie’s newer and younger boyfriend, who casually tells her he’s bi.

Between a kiss and another kiss, we can see Carrie’s black top and camo like skirt.

Despite the fact that he is a good kisser, she can’t keep herself from questioning his sexuality… “I’m not even sure bisexuality exists. It’s just a layover on the way to Gaytown.” she tells her friends. But she is not going to give everything up just because she can’t understand the boys of the new generation.

However, after attending a party “of my sort of boyfriend’s ex-boyfriend. And his boyfriend.” she understands that she is too old to understand! She will just let them be themselves…

In her black leather mini dress with a white rose brooch and golden boots, she leaves the party after kissing another woman.

Problems and problems with boys are on the way! Charlotte is asked to be the next drag model for photographer Baird Johnson… Needless to say, she is going to have wild fun with him.

She recieves him in a fantastic skirt covered in lipstick images and a white short sleeved shirt. Everything is topped by her amazing pointed white shoes.
And here she is in DRAG! Can’t even recognize her!

As for Samantha, her new assistant is driving her crazy, but she will not succumb to him… at least not in the ususal way, but more in a way she knows way too well (it’s sex I’m talking about).

At first she scolds him for his bad attitude with important clients in her green skirt with a slit on the side and pink top and jacket…
… then, after trying to have him do his job, she gives up, fires him and proceeds to have sex with him. Here she is sporting her most beautiful red dress.

While in the topic of boy and girl and boyfriends and girlfriends, Miranda has to face the facts: she is in a serious relationship with Steve, and she has to move on and make it grow. When Steve tells her he would like to move in with her, she panics. “I’ve never lived with anybody before. And I’m stubborn. And I like the remote. And I can’t cook. I don’t do laundry sometimes for like two weeks. And my sponges smell. You’re gonna see all that. I’m scared.” she says to Steve behind her tears… But it’s all going to end well.

Telling each others their fears after a lesson of “The Goddess Workout”. Sporty outfit for Miranda, blue and white for Carrie.
The moment of the break down… In a super nice black dress tied with a belt, underneath a simple trench coat.

FASHION BONUS: I loved the outfit of the ladies at the gallery! They look extremely smart and fashionable!


Charlotte is lovely in her long black dress with a turtleneck; Carrie is classy but a bit edgy with her beige mini dress and belt on the waiste; Miranda’s gorgeous olive cocktail dress accessioriezed with a silver necklace suits her very well; and Samantha is showing off her professional look in black and white.

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One thought on “Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl

  1. Charlotte York il said:

    I LOVED Carrie’s leather mini dress (even though I wouldn’t put golden boots with it), leather is sexy, but the white rose gives it a nuance of class *-*
    and is this the scene where she kissed Alanis Morrisette?!
    I still can remember it :p
    Samantha and red dresses are an endless ship which I LOVE <3
    This dress was indeed WONDERFUL.
    As to the ladies' outfits for the party, I'm shocked to say that my fave was the one worn by Miranda ^^
    I would've seen it better with a silver belt that paired with the necklace, nonetheless I like it 😉

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