Attack of the 5’10” Woman

Why did I care so much? What was it about Natasha that always made me feel like the charity case? Are there women in New York who were just there to make us feel bad about ourselves?

SEASON THREE – EPISODE THREE; “Attack of the 5’10” Woman”: Carrie finds out that Big and Natasha got married. At first she reacts just like someone who already knew they eventually would have gotten married (as she was even invited to their engagement party at the plaza), but, back at home, she has a melt down. She is listening to Charlotte reading the Sunday Times article about the latest weddings, and she couldn’t keep herself from comparing Natasha to herself…

Back from the brunch, she is wearing a patterned red blouse tied in the front with a knot, checkered blue pants and a white polka dot jacket; Charlotte has on a white turtleneck (that suits her really well), black pants and a long coat.

That woman seems to have unsettled Carrie’s confidence, and meeting her in her bra and (grandma) underwear while shopping just gives it a fatal kick!

She’s just shopping with miranda in her beige flowy mini dress when…
… Natasha comes out from the next stall unexpectedly, and Carrie is just in her bra and underwear!

By the end of the small conversation in the shop, Carrie understands that Natasha is going to attend the “Women in the Arts” luncheon and she is determined to go to that luncheon too to prove Natasha she is more than a girl in a cowboy hat or in her underwear.

First of all, though, she needs to find the right outfit… is she going to show up in those shoes?

I don’t know what she was thinking when she came out with that outfit: a nice v neck dress underneath a patchwork multi colored coat and aviator sunglasses.
According to Carrie, these are the perfect shoes for the luncheon: the heels are the right hight to reach Natasha (if she wears flats) and they make a big statement.

As expected, Carrie and her guest Samantha show up at the “Women in the Arts” luncheon in their most stunning looks.

Black and white suit for Samantha; orange dress for Carrie.

Unfortunately, Natasha won’t see the ladies in their best form, as she is home with a cold.

However, Carrie is going to feel better about herself when she receives the thank you note signed by Natasha herself… “Sorry I couldn’t be their.” T-H-E-l-R.

FASHION BONUS: Despite the fact she is “an idiot” (as Carrie tells Miranda by the end of the episode), Natasha is a beautiful woman.

fashion bonus 3a

She is stunning in this white dress with a deep neckline; if possible, she looks even more slim.

Little known fact: Natasha is always shown wearing white to convey that her personality is “vanilla”.

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  1. Charlotte York il said:

    Here I am, Sweetheart <3
    Among the various outfits, my personal faves were Carrie's v neck dress and the white one worn by Natasha *-*
    And OMG! You're indeed a source of knowledge about S&TC :)
    This is one of the many reasons I love this blog <3
    I always have the chance to find out such interesting things!

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