Are We Sluts?

Note, men who have had a lot of sexual partners are not called sluts. They are called very good kissers. A few are even called romantics.

SEASON THREE – EPISODE SIX; “Are We Sluts?”: Ah, a question a lot of women ask themselves… And among these ladies we find OUR ladies. Starting off with Charlotte’s new man, who has the flaw of unconsciously call her a slut during sex, the four friends wonder about romanticism and sex in the new millenium.

Carrie’s new fling Aidan seems to be avoiding her invitations to sleep over, making her question what is wrong with him! After 10 days of dating, they still haven’t move the action into the bedroom, but the reason is different from what Carrie thinks…

Left disappointed after a romantic kiss, Carrie is wearing a revealing mini skirt and a black jacket over it.
“I wore my very little dress that left very little to the imagination”: to seduce Aidan she goes for a long pink dress (that I love!)

Another date, another night without passion. When she seeks for a reason behind his behaviour, Aidan gives her the unexpected: “I’ve slept with women quickly and I’m still single. So my new thing is, I want to try and sleep with somebody I care about.”… So romantic!

Date night at hers, she wants to decode the undecodable: is he a boyfriend or just a friend? Eventually, the colourful patterned dress will come off for a night of love.

Aidan is ready, Carrie is ready: the most romantic night at Blue Moon will end in a new kind of love for Carrie.

Romantic, but still edgy, Carrie outfit is composed by mustard yellow pants, a sheer top over a black bandeau, and that patchwork coat.

Talking about sluts and slut shaming, Samatha has a delicate situation in her hands: the old ladies sharing the condo with her know about her sexual life, and, when the latest man helped (unknowingly) a thief inside, the ladies gang up against her and slut shame her… till she leaves for a better place to live.

The situation gives us a view of her most professional and colourful outfits:

Yellow and green suit.
Pink on pink: pink pants, pink coat, pink scarf and pink top.
Red and black outfit.
More casual than usual: jeans, blue turtleneck, jacket, white bag and black heels.

As for Miranda, her problem makes her feel more of a slut than she actually is. She finds out to be positive about clamidia, and she has to tell every men she’s been with. The most shameful thing is she has to make a list of men she’s had sex, resulting in a higher number than the avarage.

At least we can see all her suits and how they’ve become more feminine and elegant.

On the casual side: Carrie is gone for red pants, a white shirt and a long baby blue coat; Miranda is wearing beige pants, an orange blouse and sandals (let’s ignore the shirt tied around her waiste).
A yellow suit for the office. What I love the most is her gold choker necklace.
And here it’s a pastel blue suit.

FASHION BONUS: Charlotte looked extremely classy and romantic in her black dress. The thing I loved the most is the V neck that hugs her cleavage and makes her look very seductive yet classy.

fashion bonus 6a fashion bonus 6b

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One thought on “Are We Sluts?

  1. Charlotte York il said:

    Sweety, I agree with you! Carrie’s pink dress was beyond lovely *-*
    (even though I think pink suits better brunette women)
    As to Charlotte’s black dress, it was dreamy and classy just like her ^^
    BUT! Why do you tease Miranda for having her shirt tied around the waist?
    I ALWAYS do the same, in time of need (that’s to say when I already have to carry other things and I find more comfy to have things tied around the waist than to keep them in my hands, especially when I have a jacket, but I don’t wear it) 😀

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