All or Nothing

I didn’t feel like I had it all. I felt like nothing.

SEASON THREE – EPISODE TEN; “All or Nothing”: Even though it may seem like the four ladies have it all, there’s a little difference between what it seems and what it actually is. Carrie is hunted by flashes of her one night affair with Big, although she has a wonderful boyfriend who loves her. Charlotte has to face the least romantic side of marriage: the pre-nuptial agreement his soon to be husband‘s family signs traditionally. As for Samantha, the woman who isn’t afraid to scream she has it all from the window of her brand new apartment, she shows us she really does have it all… the flu too! Miranda has nothing to worry about, as she is now having a sexual relationship by phone, but she will understand that his man from Chicago really wants it all: he is having a double phone intercourse with two different women at the same time!

Aidan leaves her girlfriend for a couple of days, in which Carrie has to keep herself busy to avoid thinking about her night with her married ex boyfriend, but her will is not as strong as she thougth. She calls Big to clear the situation and ends up having sex (once again) with him.

What the heck are you wearing?!…
… much better! She covered the bottom half of her green playsuit with pastel yellow pants.

Big doesn’t want to give up without fighting, so he explains to her that he doesn’t want it all, he doesn’t want the loving wife and the girl to fuck, but only wants her. NOT FAIR!

She has to run for Pete the dog in red high heels… How impressive!

In the meanwhile, after Miranda has said goodbye (or better, “see you on the phone having sex”) to George from Chicago…

Her night blue fancy dress is beautiful!

… The ladies gather up for the engagement party of Charlotte and Trey.

10i 10jI loved their outfits here. Despite the discomfort on Charlotte’s face due to the pre-nuptial agreement she doesn’t want to sign, she looks great in that indigo wrap dress. I think this colour suits her complection and her hair colour, and the elegant yet messy hairstyle is the icing on the cake! As for the other girls, Carrie’s dress shape is wonderful: a strapless dress tied on the waiste by a belt, but the colour does not suit her as much as other colours did before. Miranda’s choice is sexy and classy at the same time: a lilac silk dress with spaghetti strings; but Samantha is stealing the scene! A big thumbs up for her red dress (suiting her as always) and her vintage hairstyle.

FASHION BONUS: Celebrating Samantha’s fabulous existence, the girls are showing off their greatest outfits!

10a 10b 10c 10dA big A+ to Charlotte’s fashionable outfit! I loved the sparkly top paired with pastel yellow pants, she looks amazing! And Samantha as well looks great in her (yet another) red dress, a bit 80’s style. Miranda’s look in never a big surprise, and here too she is wearing a simple patterned dress with black strappy sandals. As for Carrie, she seems a bit off with her funky top and white jacket, but I like the pants and the whole “girl love/power” in the surrounding atmosphere.

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